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Personal Commissions

The terms and prices listed here reflect personal commissions made for non-commercial use only. Artworks made for commercial use must be discussed individually as separate terms of service and additional fees will apply.

The prices listed below are the starting rates for a commission of a single character. Prices can fluctuate depending on the commission's complexity, added characters and/or background. See terms of service for more information.

[email protected]

Sketch $25

-Headshot $10
-Waist up $15
-Colored line art is doubled standard commission price

Rough Painting $100

-Headshot $35
-Waist up $50

Full Painting $200

-Headshot $65
-Waist up $100

Terms of Service

By sending payment for a commissioned piece you are agreeing to the terms of service. If you have any questions regarding the terms feel free to contact me for further clarification.


At this moment in time I don't have a set schedule for streaming, so you should follow my Picarto to be notified when I'm live.

Chat rules: Be civil, don't be a jerk, and keep all conversation PG-13

I like to play instrumental music for those who like to draw, write, or read along to the stream. If you'd like to recommend an instrumental album feel free to DM me.

In Stream Commissions

In stream commissions are either sketched or rough paintings I am able complete within a single streaming session (typically a little over an hour). No complex backgrounds are available for these commissions. They are available for Pay What You Want pricing, with a minimum price of half of the standard commission price.

Edits can be done to the piece within the streaming session without additional cost. Further revision outside of the stream will have standard pricing. If you have any further questions feel free to ask!

Roleplaying: Closed

Your initial E-mail should contain a campaign (either one of mine or your own is fine) and a brief description of your character. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

[email protected]

Post Habits

I’m a very casual roleplayer. I roleplay for fun, a good story, and to exercise some creativity.I roleplay in lit third person format with an average post length of one to two paragraphs and the most usually being four.I’m not big on minimum paragraph length. This is a hobby, not an essay. As long as we both type what’s necessary to move the story along, we’re fine.Only inquire if you are 20 or older as I prefer to roleplay with people around my own age.I reply at least once per day with a possibility of more if I’m not busy.I'm used to being a GM and walking the player character though a mostly planned setting or adventure. I am totally free to switching into more of a player role though.Trigger Warning: All of my campaigns involve dark themes including violence, death, bigotry, abuse, drug use, physical and mental illness, animal cruelty, trauma, and various disorders. All topics are approached respectfully.


Dark FantasyMore down to earth fantasy setting with some morbid and/or adult themes or events.
HorrorSome surreal mystery. Supernatural antagonist with human protagonists is always a plus.
Tabletop RoleplayingI have experience with DND 5e and Tails of Equestria. I'm also interested in learning Pathfinder/Ponyfinder, FATE, GURPS (Cthulhu Punk or Bunnies & Burrows).


NSFWI’m in no way interested in sexual conduct, fetishes (explicit or non-explicit), or erotica.
RomanceI prefer themes such as loyalty, friendship and family. If characters within a story fall in love that’s fine, but the story must come first with no relationships pre-planned.
SifiSorry but if it takes place in space or has to do with technology I wont be interest


Casual Roleplay | Dark Fantasy/Adventure
Collaborating a one shot adventure for our characters to have. It works as a great ice breaker and gives eachother an idea of how we would write during a longer campaign.

Casus Belli | High Fantasy/Adventure
Reality begins to weigh on your chest with the passing of your grandmother, the village chief. Your village is dying. You must quest out to an emerging empire in order to return wealth to your people. However, the wild mountain sides around your village are full of magic, monsters and unknown gods. Gaining wealth is no easy task for a migrant, especially in times of war. Luckily, your gained knowledge of ancient magic seems crucial to the survival of both the empire and your people. Will you fight a war for a land not your own?

Gnome Dirge | Woodland /Dark Fantasy
While out in the woods one night you (either a woodland animal or human) stumble upon something that you didn't even think were possible. The dying race of the fae. You and your woodland friends must unite to fight ancient forces to protect their legacy!

Tails of Equestira | Tabletop/Fandom (MLP)
What are the odds that two ponies are in the same highschool and still hadn't earned their cutie marks yet? Tudie and Ghostie are the weirdest ponies in all Equestria! All Ghostie ever talks about is creepy stuff like hauntings and monsters! She's just obsessed! Tudie's even worse, she never shows up for class, and gets into fights all the time! She can't even use magic! I saw her try to levitate her text book before, it was so sad! She might as well be an earth pony! Everything got so much worse when Ghostie started carrying around that black spell book! I think they're trying to summon something to haunt the bathroom or something! What?! You're actually friends with those freaks?!
(Requires at least 3 players)

Tilden Island | Cosmic horror
The popular family vacation spot Tilden Island attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists all year round. Its main attraction is a massive amusement park built above the ocean The Tilden Warf. There, many suspicious characters hide in plain sight. Paranoid arcade technicians, secretive circus performers, and a menacing security team stands guard amid the whirring machinery of rides and food trucks. Suddenly the true nature of Tilden is exposed when a circus performer cries out for help in the middle of their act! There's something deeply unsettling happening at the warf while more and more victims flood Tilden each day! Is it really possible to save them all?

Mad Hatters | Survival Horror
A series of deaths and strange sightings terrify the citizens of Springerville Arizonia. After weeks of being stalked by a mysterious force you (preferably human) are kidnapped and taken to what seems to be a haunted mansion. You need to figure out how to survive in such an offal place. Mabey one day, you'll even escape!

Unicorn’s Eye | High Fantasy/Adventure
A young man guards an unnaturally smooth river rock around his neck claiming it to be still living eye of a Unicorn. Not only the rarest of all creatures, any soul unfortunate enough to cross a unicorn’s path had either fallen dead, ill, or driven to madness. Despite all odds he is determined to return the eye to its rightful owner. And what of you? Are you here to entertain the boy's obvious delusions? Or will you also cast all reason aside to witness the impossible?


I'm a short hairy lady who enjoys being a generally boring person (also known as a Hobbit). I like to read about topics no one cares about but I tell them about it in great detail anyway; Listen to podcasts and laugh at them in public; Watch a concerning amount of cartoons; Roleplay because I want all the drama in my life to be as fictional as it is angsty; and Litter my texts with sparkle and heart emojis.

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